The company she keeps

the company she keeps

I’ve always been a bit of a collector. Some collections I started myself, others have grown out of gifts from others. When I was little it was stickers and for some reason sugar packets (maybe safer then match boxes?) Then postcards – largely down to the free ones they used out give out at the cinema and vintage perfume bottles. Now I posses an over growing collection of owl related items, largely gifts, as well as vintage fabrics and sewing patterns.  A more recent collection I have started over the last couple of years is vintage books, particularly childrens books. The illustrations are just so beautiful and unusual, plus I love knowing they were all created by hand. I’ve also taken an interest in vintage penguin book covers. Penguin are well known for their inspirational cover art over the years, and I am always thrilled to find an old penguin while out and about. Whilst visiting the World’s End book shop recently, I came across these three. I particularly love the Alan Aldridge cover of ‘The company she keeps.’ The abstract style and colours are striking and the influences of pop art from the era are evident.


summer birdcage


the millstone

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