What the heronine wore- Franny and Zooey

I’ve missed doing these what the heroine wore posts. I think I slowed down on the reading a bit it 2014, but hopefully I can pick up the pace a bit this year. Of course not all the books I read contain particularly memorable outfits and some, such as my current read, don’t really have any heroines. However Franny and Zooey contains more than one, Franny of the title and her mother Mrs Glass. I had been meaning to read this book for years, as I know it is a bit of a favourite among J.D Salinger’s man,y many fans. I enjoyed it very much and the descriptions of the glass family home are particularly vivid. I also found this memorable extract about Mrs Glass’s daily outfit.

Franny and Zooey by J.D Salinger,  p:62


She was wearing her usual at-home venture – what her son Buddy (who was a writer, and consequently, as Kafka, no less, has told us, not a nice man) called her pre-notification-of-death uniform. It consisted mostly of hoary midnight-blue Japanese kimono. She almost invariably wore it through the apartment during the day. With its many occultish-looking folds, it also served as a repository of the paraphernalia of a very heavy cigarette smoker and an amateur handyman; two oversized pockets had been added at the hips, and they usually contained two or three packets of cigarettes, several match folders, a screwdriver, a claw-end hammer, a Boy Scout knife that had once belonged to one of her sons, and an enamel faucet handle or tow, plus an assortment of screws, nails, hinges, and ball-bearing casters – all of which tended to make Mrs Glass chink faintly as moved about in her large apartment.

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