Window Shopping; Flax and stone

Flax & Stone sounds like the name of a brand, maybe one selling homewares? Well you heard it here first. In other words the less exciting sounding beige.

A new blog post theme I am going to look at are window shopping posts. Clothes and accessories and products from various sources that I like all grouped together, by theme. And right now I’m feeling very drawn to natural fibres and muted colours with lots of relaxed volume included. An old favourite, the Allen Company Etsy store has some very covetable things fitting this description. I’ve also found some nice things at Nice Things by Paloma S (who also does childrenswear!) and at Lauren Winter. Most of the below images can be found on my¬†Pinterest boards as well.


fl_lpg fl_npl fs_ac fs_al1 fs_artiza fs_bonnie fs_d_1fs_laurenwinter fs_laurenwinter-2 FS_LAURENWINTER-3 fs_myrtle-1 fs_needsupp fs_noncha fs_orboro fs_orboro-2 fs_paloma fs_paloma-2 fs_rc fs_samuji fs_ss_1




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