Boy and Girl

Some chidlrenswear today. This brand boy + girl  is new to me and I really like it. It’s LA based and locally made with a definite relaxed californian feel to it. As well as great kids wear they also do a menswear line, I wonder if a womens line will follow next? A lot of these pieces I could happily wear myself… especially the second image of that nice stripy dress. I also love the reversible t-shirt, beautiful muted colours and can be worn both ways, a great idea. Plenty of stripes and chambray and soft colours plus some highlights of brights, everything I like. There is a nice interview with the designer behind the brand Christine Chang here.

GB_1 GB_01 GB_2 GB_3 GB_4 GB_5 GB_6a GB_7 GB_8 GB_9 GB_10 GB_10A GB_11 GB_12

All images from boy + girl shop 

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