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These images are from the SS16 Hillier Bartley collection. I am really into the whole look. I particularly like the colour palette, those warm buttery tones and the excellent mixtures of fabrics; linen, velvet, leather, lace, metallics. Then of course the styling is just right. The accessories, the peep toe loafers, the bags, even the brooches. To me the whole look is a bit 1980′s, a bit of a masculine/feminie hybrid and makes me think of a variety of fims from that era. I think the cowl neck dress with the double faced fabric, what looks like cotton/linen and then satin to the inside is particularly beautiful in it’s simplicity and also like it worn with flat shoes. Plus that gold sash top with white trousers manages to look effortlessly elegant as eveningwear in a way that a dress never could.  I would love to raid this fictional womens wardrobe, she looks like the she has an interesting life and an eye for the percet vintage pieces.

The label was created by Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, and I really like this quote from Vogue.com

“Hillier Bartley is a very personal project which Katie and I have been working on for years,” revealed Bartley. “It is a culmination of everything I have learnt as a designer and a woman and is purely and defiantly about the clothes and fabrics. We have also looked at the women we admire, what we would want to wear and the inspirations that have been close to us for ages. It’s ultimate heroine lies somewhere between Ian McCulloch and Katherine Hepburn. It’s about a woman our age, indie by heart, rakish and irreverent by nature, who is maturing into refinement and naturalness.”

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All photos from Hillier Bartley



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