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Childrenswear – ARQ clothing

A new childrenswear brand today – the lovely ARQ. I’ve just discovered this brand that heralds from the Pacific North West of America. I really like the attention to detail, the use of fabrics and palette of off colours. I’m alsways drawn to childrenswear that is simple but considered and I think Arq really fits into that. They also sell a very select range of products from other designers including some great retro looking back packs and pencil cases by  YKRA. I am really into the brand name (simple and memorable) and when I first looked at the webiste they had a great logo (which has changed now by the looks of things). There is something about the lookbook photos that makes me think of playing outside after it’s been raining and how fresh everything is plus a little bit of a 1970s vibe. Another great label to watch.
















All photos from ARQ




Colour palette – Putty & Teracotta

A colour story today with the colours putty pink and terracotta. I am very much into natural colours at all times, and right now particulalry into desert inspired ones and the colours found from natural dyes. Also feeling inspired by these shorts below, from the ever amazing Allen Company. The perfect warm hues to welcome in summer. Another new find is the lovely etsy shop Quiet Meadow, according to their shop bio -

“We handcraft our clothing using 100% natural materials – linen, cotton, silk, hemp and wool – all of which are dyed with natural plant dyes.”

Exactly what I am into these days. I think I need to do a whole seperate post on some of the gorgeous products natural plant dyers are coming up with. Also I need to buy this ebook from Rebecca Desnos and have a go myself.

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Photos from here – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7





Childrenswear – Rosie Pope Baby

Here is something cheerful on a gloomy Tuesday – Rosie Pope’s childrenswear range. I really like the bright colours and the hand drawn illustrations, plus a lot of the range has a great unisex quality which makes a nice change. All photos from Nordstrom, and available to buy in th UK. There isn’t all that much information about Rosie Pope, although there is this short wikipedia entry about her. It seems Rosie Pope began in maternity wear and moved over to childrenswear and is based in the US.

rp00 rp7 rp6 rp0 rp5 rp4 rp3 rp2 rp-1rp10rp9rp11


Womenswear – Cabbages & Roses summer

Almost the bank holiday and I couldn’t be happier about that. I may have mentioned before how much I like the brand Cabbages & Roses and particularly their excellent lookbooks. So here in anticipation of a sunny bank holiday is the Spring/ Summer 2016 lookbook. It has something of the great expectations Miss Havisham crossed with an English country farm vibe. I like how diffferent Cabbages & Roses  look book editorials are compared to most other brands. No 90′s minamilism here. And again those berets are just the best. More here.

crs9 crs8 crs7 crs6 crs5 crs4 crs3 crs2 crs1



Womenswear – Hillier Bartley

These images are from the SS16 Hillier Bartley collection. I am really into the whole look. I particularly like the colour palette, those warm buttery tones and the excellent mixtures of fabrics; linen, velvet, leather, lace, metallics. Then of course the styling is just right. The accessories, the peep toe loafers, the bags, even the brooches. To me the whole look is a bit 1980′s, a bit of a masculine/feminie hybrid and makes me think of a variety of fims from that era. I think the cowl neck dress with the double faced fabric, what looks like cotton/linen and then satin to the inside is particularly beautiful in it’s simplicity and also like it worn with flat shoes. Plus that gold sash top with white trousers manages to look effortlessly elegant as eveningwear in a way that a dress never could.  I would love to raid this fictional womens wardrobe, she looks like the she has an interesting life and an eye for the percet vintage pieces.

The label was created by Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, and I really like this quote from

“Hillier Bartley is a very personal project which Katie and I have been working on for years,” revealed Bartley. “It is a culmination of everything I have learnt as a designer and a woman and is purely and defiantly about the clothes and fabrics. We have also looked at the women we admire, what we would want to wear and the inspirations that have been close to us for ages. It’s ultimate heroine lies somewhere between Ian McCulloch and Katherine Hepburn. It’s about a woman our age, indie by heart, rakish and irreverent by nature, who is maturing into refinement and naturalness.”

hb0 hb1 hb2 hb3 hb4 hb5 hb6 hb7 hb8 hb9 hb10 hb11 hb12


All photos from Hillier Bartley



Womenswear – Dôen

Dôen is a wonderful new womesnwear brand from the US. The clothes are  beautiful, timeless pieces using interesting textiles and artisan touches. The lookbook photos remind me of vintage holiday snapshops, largely as they are all shot outside. I always prefer outside shots to staged indoor shoots, all the better to visualize how the clothes will look out in the wild. The mood of the images makes me think of a woman who holidays somewhere in California, who maybe likes art and nature and wants clothes that reflect her way of life. The line has a very appealing luxe/west coast/laurel canyon vibe. Also those jeans! And I especially want the tassel hemmed black dress, just perfect for anything. I feel as if Dôen clothes are the kind of pieces you could keep forever and then maybe hand down to younger generations. The brand was set up by a collective of women with a misson statement as follows -

“Dôen is a collective of creative Los Angeles-based women. We make elevated yet wearable pieces for the everyday. Our line is inspired by vintage designs and our nostalgia for the California of past decades. More than an online boutique shopping experience, we believe in presenting the Dôen lifestyle and products to our customers with compelling story-telling, idyllic imagery and content featuring the real women who wear our clothes. Available only at, we offer flattering, easy silhouettes in luxe fabrics at approachable prices – avoiding intermediary mark-ups and ensuring our customers the best possible value.”

Find more of Dôen on Twitter here, instagram here, and Pinterest here.


do1 do2 do3 do4 do5 do6 do7 do8 do9 do10 do11 do12 do13 do14 do15 do16 do17


All images from shop Dôen here


Design find – ARMINHO

Today I dsicovered the beautiful work of the Armino design studio. Based in Porto, Portugal, Arminho is run by João and Raquel Silva from their home studio. According to their etsy shop bio they specialise in home goods and sationary and use locally sourced materials. I like the distinctive look of the brand and I can’t get enough of the beautiful pared back palette and swirling marbled textures. I would love to own all these pieces. They also have a great website here. They also have a sister shop Camelotia where they sell knitted products, hand made on a knitting machine. Also very beautiful and of a piece with the rest of the collection. I’d like to own that cozy jumper and carry those marbled  notebooks around in a vegetable tanned leather and canvas backpack please. More here.


ar_1 ar_2 ar_3 ar_4 ar_5 ar_6 ar_7 ar_8 ar_9 ar_10 ar_11 ar_12

arr_0 arr_01 arr_03


Top images all from Arminho shop and last three from Camelotia shop

Womenswear – Cabbages & Roses

I have been aware in a rather vague way of Cabbages & Roses since 2010, when I worked in an office near one of their shops. I then considered them to be a very English brand that was a bit like a cross between Cath Kidson and vintage Laura Ashley. A more muted palettte, more texture, paler and more elegant. I liked it. Then I moved office and they fell off my radar. I recently rediscovered them and found this really wonderful Winter ’15 lookbook. I really like all the clothes, fabrics, silhouettes and the mood of it all. Particularly the wool hats! The girl in the lookbook seems to have a pretty enjoyable life, wearing lace up boots with party dresses, cosy knitwear in apple orchards and tweed for bike riding, very appealing. And looking back through their archives shows more of the same. I’m impressed. They also sell homewares and fabric so you could have the full Cabbages&Roses lifestyle. Plus they are currently having a sale. Also as in my previous post, it’s great to see a smaller English brand doing such great things. More info here.

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car8 car6car10 car9

All images from Cabbages & Roses