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Liberty in Fashion

To start off 2016 (!) here are some photos from my recent visit to the Liberty in Fashion exhibition at the Fashion Textile Museum. I highly, highly recommend a visit. I found it super inspiring and particularly liked the Collier Campbell Art of pattern display that was included with admission. Such beautiful designs! Below are a few detail photos I took there. I have to say it is so amazing that the fashion and textile museum actually let you take photos of their exhibitions! It makes a nice change. Also as a whole day to day fashion has become quite a bit more boring that it was back in the 60s/70s/80s. Time to introduce more pattern and colour back into our lives I think.


li1 li2 li3 li4 li5 li6 li7 li8 li10 li11li9


Womenswear – Sideline

Sideline is a new womenswear brand based in the UK and focusing on an indigo heavy palette. I have a slight weakness for indigo and it would seem I am not alone. The clothing is minimal and clean with a bit of a Japanese feel. The fabrics and detailing all add up to a collection that looks like it would be both beautiful and easy to wear.  It’s also so nice to see a new UK based label like this. Sideline has a blog looking at the homes of interesting people and a great instagram with sneak peaks of SS16 here. I will definitetly be following this brand to see where they go next.

sl6 sl5 sl4 sl3 sl2 sl1

All images from Sideline


Design find – Under the sea

BigStuffed is the personal project of Dana Muskat, an Israeli fashion designer based in Paris. She began making the stuffed animals when her niece was born and then went on to open an Etsy store. In her profile she states -

“I think those creatures are for all ages, genders and types.
This collection of characters is from my personal underwater universe.
Kind and special animals that lives in the sea that I miss so much…”

Aren’t they charming? And those blue eyes on the stingray! I love the way each creature seems to have a particular personailty and the neutral colours and natural look make them stand out from many other toys. My personal favourite will always be the Whales though. See more of big stuffed on instagram here and Pinterest here.



All images from BigStuffed


Childrenswear – Rylee & Cru

Prepare to see the most gorgeous childrens wear collection. I have loved this brand since it first launched (which I think was with an SS14 collection). Rylee & Cru is designed by illustrator Kelli Murray, named after her two yound children and made in California. This is the kind of brand that I love on every level, unisex, locally produced, beautiful prints and graphics, soft fabrics and just the right mix of slightly ‘off’ colours in the palette.  The styling and website are excellent too. See more here.


rac0 rac1 rac2 rac3 rac4 rac5 rac6 rac7 rac8 rac9 rac10


All images from Ryllee & Cru


The wrong season

I was just idling though the Objects without meaning archive and found all of these beautiful images. It’s obviously not summer anymore but I just love so much about these clothes that I thought I would post them anyway. They would all be great looks for a little winter sun at any rate. They make me think of artists and the desert and therefore Georgia O’Keeffe, all excellent references. Another bonus – the jewelry is as good as the clothes.



owm1   own6 own7 own8 own9 own2own3own4own5own10 own11

All images from the Objects without meaning website


I can’t quite belive I haven’t shared Heinui’s work on here before. Heinui is a label designed by Claire Pignot, a french designer. According to the webiste, “The label produces charmingly quirky, highly feminine clothes that are effortless, easy-to-wear and quietly sophisticated…” I would agree. I’ve been a fan ever since the first collection was released, and would love to one day own one of the beautiful pieces. I partiuclarly love the chambray dresses that are often in the collections but have interesting twists to them (literally.) I am also drawn to the use of so many shades of blue – the best colour – and both the painterly and japanese vibes of the collections. Definitely up there in my list of favourite designers. See more heinui at their instagram account here.

hei1he2hei4 hei3hei5hei7 hei6

All imgaes from Heinui

Womenswear – Hackwith Design House

I’ve just rediscovered the excellent Hackwith Design House. I really like the simplicity and ease of the line. As well as the considered usage of fabrics and details. These kinds of muted colours and relaxed proportions remind me of my flax and stone post as well as certain 1980s styles (in a good way.) Hackwith Design house was founded by Lisa Hackwith in 2010 and aims to create unique clothing in small batches, usually only 25 pieces. The clothes are intended to be season-less – something I am very much on board with. In addition to the main line, Hackwith also offers a lovely basics range using a favourite fabric of mine, Tencel as well a swim line and a curated selection of other designer/makers products. All in all a very beautiful corner of the internet.

hackwith05 hackwith04 hackwith03 hackwith02 hackwith01 hackwith_0hackwith06

All images from Hackwith Design House



Here are some great necklaces from brand Kelaoke from Kelly Chapman in Australia. They are available on Etsy here. I couldn’t find much further information but I love the colour/texture combinations and also the very affordable price. Kelaoke does have a pinterest and instagram account though.  They certainly put my efforts with polymer clay to shame. The shop also stocks some nice handwoven wall hangings like this.


K0 K01 K02 K03 K04 K05 k08 k09

All images from Kelaoke