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All images from kowtow clothing

There really is just so much waiting to be discovered online. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, so many amazing things and so many talented people waiting to be found. I’ve often felt that when it comes to organic, fair trade clothing, there is not a lot of choice out there for womenswear, particularly for more fashion conscious styles. So I was happy to discover Kowtow clothing, a New Zealand based fairtrade and organic line of  womenswear with a smaller menswear offering. They release seasonal collections alongside a great selection of ‘building blocks;’ simple plain cotton jersey pieces like t-shirts, leggings, tops and dresses than are the building blocks of any wardrobe. Most of the images above are from their Spring collection, which is beautifully neutral and minimal. I like all the attention to detail, such as the dropped shoulder on a top, the precise cut of a trouser or the pleats to the back of a shirt. There is a lot of great info on fairtrade and organic production on their website too. If only more mainstream companies were this committed to ethical production. See more of Kowtow on their Twitter page and website.

Barruntando Ceramics

I recently discovered barruntando ceramics and all their  charming little ceramic characters. It was the sloth bowl that first caught my eye – such a clever design! But they have a wealth of cute and quirky little characters available. I think any one of these would be a lovely thing to have, I particularly like the haughty little unicorn. From the Etsy store they say -

“Pottery is addictive and our little project is a good example of this.
Barruntando born of the illusion of some friends to create a different, bold and modern, light and original utilitarian pottery. We have our small workshop in Avilés (Asturias), an area with great ceramic tradition.
Our parts are manufactured mostly in white earthenware clay or because we like the purity of its color and strength, very suitable for the type of parts that we manufacture. We also work sometimes with red or stoneware clay depending on whether the piece in question requires it. Decorate mainly inorganic pigments hand-applied on the white base of china which makes each piece special and unique. The finish is gloss clear enamel, suitable for food use. We manufacture our own glazes and slips that we used in certain pieces to get a more vivid and more intense colors decor.”

All available from their Etsy shop -barar10 barra1 barra2 barra3 barra4 barra5 barra6 barra7 barra8 barra9 barra10 barra11 barra12


All photos from Barruntando

What the heronine wore- Franny and Zooey

I’ve missed doing these what the heroine wore posts. I think I slowed down on the reading a bit it 2014, but hopefully I can pick up the pace a bit this year. Of course not all the books I read contain particularly memorable outfits and some, such as my current read, don’t really have any heroines. However Franny and Zooey contains more than one, Franny of the title and her mother Mrs Glass. I had been meaning to read this book for years, as I know it is a bit of a favourite among J.D Salinger’s man,y many fans. I enjoyed it very much and the descriptions of the glass family home are particularly vivid. I also found this memorable extract about Mrs Glass’s daily outfit.

Franny and Zooey by J.D Salinger,  p:62


She was wearing her usual at-home venture – what her son Buddy (who was a writer, and consequently, as Kafka, no less, has told us, not a nice man) called her pre-notification-of-death uniform. It consisted mostly of hoary midnight-blue Japanese kimono. She almost invariably wore it through the apartment during the day. With its many occultish-looking folds, it also served as a repository of the paraphernalia of a very heavy cigarette smoker and an amateur handyman; two oversized pockets had been added at the hips, and they usually contained two or three packets of cigarettes, several match folders, a screwdriver, a claw-end hammer, a Boy Scout knife that had once belonged to one of her sons, and an enamel faucet handle or tow, plus an assortment of screws, nails, hinges, and ball-bearing casters – all of which tended to make Mrs Glass chink faintly as moved about in her large apartment.

Rebecca Kiff

So its 2015! And about time for some more posts. I’ve found so many great new (to me) designers/artists/illustrators over the past few months. First up is Rebecca Kiff who designs beautiful, delicate watercolour products and home wares. I have a real fondness for watercolour illustrations generally and I like the way these illustrations really stand out on the simple white background. I think a kidswear line would work brilliantly and look forward to seeing what Rebecca Kiff does next.


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All photos from Rebecca Kiff

Electric Dream

Electric_Feathers_01_1366 Electric_Feathers_07_1366 Electric_Feathers_08_1366 Electric_Feathers_11_1366 Electric_Feathers_14_1366 Electric_Feathers_18_1366 Electric_Feathers_22_1366 Electric_Feathers_27_1366 Electric_Feathers_28_1366 Electric_Feathers_31_1366

All photos from


I cannot get enough of this new Electric dreams collection from Spring 15. The colours, the shapes, the fabrics! I feel like the whole  collection has a slightly 80′s vibe, but in a very good way.’s review included the following;

‘ Electric Feathers’ latest offering tells a story that’s a fairly familiar one for the brand: of a dauntless, globe-trotting woman; of pieces to be dressed up or dressed down, to be balled up and shoved into carpetbags.’

Who wouldn’t want to be that woman, wearing all these gorgeous clothes?

Little Nadinoo



All photos from Nadinoo

How beautiful are these new pieces by Little Nadinoo? I have been following and admiring the Nadinoo brand for quite some time now, and was delighted to see these new childrenswear pieces added to the already lovely collection. Such great silhouettes and all those beautiful liberty prints make an excellent combination. The label is run by Nadia Izruna and she describes the feel of the collection as follows -

‘ Nadinoo is a cute, pretty and playful label for the modern lady who still treasures styling and stories of the past.’

Sounds perfect. My favourite item is definitely the ‘right as rain’ dress (last photo) such great details and of course lovely fabric.

Dwell studio

mallow-1 mallow-2 mallow-3 mallow-4 mallow-5 mallow-6mallow-7

All images from Dwell studio


In my pinterest wanderings I cam across Dwell studio. The company offers a wide range of home furnishings including some very sweet nursery items. There is a real emphasis on unusual prints in beautiful colourways which is nice to see. I particularly like the the meadow print shown in the first image, kind of wish it was available for adult sized products too.

Sweet Peas

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I was talking about favourite flowers with someone the other day. They commented that they may think roses or freesias are their favourites, then they smell a sweet pea and nothing else will do. Too true I think. Thus inspired, here are some images from a sweet pea inspired pattern I’ve been working on.